Chapter 5 – The Temple

He felt a bit dizzy.   The old store was gone and he was standing in a stone room lined with steel.  There were odd shaped symbols, like the ones on the portal of power, surrounding a large dragon statue.

The room reminded him of a temple the way the entire room was pointing to the dragon.   The dragon’s head had four horns; two long ones that were pointed backward and two smaller ones that sat next to the dragon’s eyes.   Two large stone wings came out from behind the dragon and reached out to the top of the room’s ceiling.  Sitting on the lap of the stone dragon was a stone egg with tiny dots on it; exactly like the purple egg Tyler had taken from the old man.   Waterfalls flowed from the windows surrounding the dragon.

Tyler turned around and could see there was an area where he could walk outside and look around.  On the front of the temple were weird symbols that looked like flowered crosses and a large symbol which reminded Tyler of a flower.  A large lake was in front of where he was standing and when he turned around and looked at the temple from the outside, he could see it too had a dragon’s head carved into the front.    Overhead, he could see birds that looked like dragons flying around in a circle above where he stood.   He suddenly heard an odd noise coming from inside the room.  Tyler stepped back inside.

“Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh…. What has happened to us….?” his mother’s voice was coming from behind a large boulder.

Tyler ran to see what was wrong but tripped.  His legs weren’t working right.  He looked down and saw that his feet were actually silver claws.  His legs looked like a bird’s with silver bracelets and as he stretched out his arms, he realized they too had changed to black wings.   As he looked up from the ground, he realized he had incredibly powerful vision and could see right through the boulder from where his mom’s voice came.  He should have been scared, but he wasn’t.

Using his powerful eyesight, Tyler could see an odd, green, elf-like creature with a blue ponytail sitting behind the big rock.

“CRAIG!!!!!,” the elf yelled in a voice that sounded just like his mom’s.

Tyler turned as he heard a noise to his left and saw a blue man with brown hair and horns coming out of his head stumble from behind a rock.   He had blue eyes and his hands were glowing with what looked like electricity.   Both hands had gold rings around the wrists.  It’s legs looked like a goat and it stumbled as it walked toward the elf.

“Coming……,” he heard the creature say in his dad’s voice.

“Dad?” Tyler called out.

The blue creature, which was really his father, turned and stared at Tyler.   It didn’t say anything.

“Dad? It’s me Tyler!”

“Tyler? What happened to you… oh my gosh!  What happened to you?  You look like a weird eagle dragon thing!”

Tyler looked down at his new body.  “I look weird?  Look at you!  You’re blue and have a body like a goat”

“What?” his father gasped.

Tyler’s dad looked down at his new body studying it from top to bottom.

“Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh!  Honey!”

From around the rock, came the blue elf .

“Honey, what has happened to us?” his mom shrieked, almost crying as she walked.

“Honey, this must be some kind of bad dream,” her father said.

Just then, the elf looked over at Tyler.

“What is THAT?” she yelled.

Tyler was shocked his mom didn’t recognize him.

“It’s me, Mom, Tyler.”

Just then, a loud growl filled the temple.   All four of them turned around and stumbled a few steps back against the stone wall.

Something moved in the shadows behind the dragon statue.


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