Chapter 4 – The Old Man

With a flick of his arm, the old man pulled the cloth from the table revealing a beautiful purple egg-like object that appeared to be floating above a round stone pedestal.  Super Cool!  The egg was about nine-inches tall and five-inches wide.   All over the egg were tiny bright spots that reminded Tyler of the stars that he sees when he camps out with his Dad.

“WOW,” Tyler gasped, “what is that?”

The old man grinned, carefully took the egg from the stone pedestal and walking over to Tyler, he said, “This, my young man, is a dragon’s egg.”

Tyler’s dad gave a little chuckle and his mom started to smile.

“kam-sa-ham-ni-da,” said the old man.

“Kan samie da?” repeated Tyler.

“That means thank you in Korean,” the old man explained.

“Are you Korean?” Tyler’s father asked.

“No,” said the old man.  “But this dragon is.”

Tyler stared at the purple egg and said, “Thank you for what?”

“For what you are about to do,” said the man as he handed the egg to Tyler.

The old man leaned over and whispered something in Tyler’s ear.

“Tyler, hold that with both hands,” cautioned Tyler’s mom with a very uncomfortable look on her face.  “I don’t think he should be holding that honey.”

“Don’t worry,” said the old man. “He won’t break it.  Will you Tyler?”

Tyler stared at the purple dragon egg.  “No way, I promise.

The old man turned back to the table with a huge grin on his face.

“You see, when the wand glowed different colors, it meant that your little boy is very special. ”   He picked up the stone object from the table and carried it to the center of the room. “I have been waiting over 100 years for this day and it is time for me to use this.”

“What is that?” Tyler asked.

The man stopped and looked at the stone object in his hands.  “It is a portal of great power.  It allows you to transport between this world and the lands in the sky.”

Tyler’s mom gave the old man a weird look. “A portal of power huh….. hey honey we should really get going.”

Tyler’s dad said, “A portal of power Tyler, isn’t that cool?”

The old man put the “portal” on the floor and pushed a small button on its side.  Tyler could see there were weird symbols on the portal but didn’t know what they meant.

“Let me just close this door so you can see the complete effect,” the man said as he moved to the door.

The portal started to glow.  At first, it was a very small white light but soon the top of portal started over-flowing with smoke.   Tyler stood staring at the portal with the purple egg still in his hands.  Tyler’s mom took a step back.

“Well, will you look at that,” Tyler’s dad said.

Nobody noticed that the old man had stepped out of the room and had shut the door behind them.   They didn’t even hear a slight click as the lock was turned; trapping them all in the room with the glowing portal.

The portal started changing colors; red first, then green, and soon it was glowing a dark purple.

“Honey… Let’s go, I don’t like ….”   Tyler’s mom was cut off by the sudden sound of thunder coming from the portal.

A strong wind started to blow in the room and, almost immediately, the white fog had filled the entire room.   Through the fog, flashes of bright lights that looked like lightning started coming out of the portal.   Tyler’s mom reached out and grabbed a hold of two stone spikes that were sticking out of a large green stone figure that was behind her.  The figure was taller than she was and looked like a Chinese woman wearing a robe and holding two stone spike-looking objects.  Suddenly, the entire room was filled with a blinding light.  Tyler closed his eyes and gripped the egg harder in his hands.

He could feel himself getting pulled toward the portal and could hear his mom saying, “Craig, what is happening?”

His father was yelling but Tyler couldn’t hear what he was saying.   Suddenly, just as quickly as the portal had started, it was over.    Tyler blinked his eyes open and looked around.   He wasn’t in the old shop anymore; he was somewhere much, much different.


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